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IMG_0101Tailor made reservation is an alternative for online reservation. Here you can indicate your preferences through the form below. Then we'll give you a proposal with associated price.


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 Bike: Land around Coimbra, 8 days. 
 Bike: Fado-Coimbra, 14 days. 
 Bike: Bairrada-Coimbra, 6 days. 
 Bike: Coimbra-in between, 6 days. 
 Bike: From Serra to National Park, 3 days. 
 Bike: From dam lake to river beach, 3 days. 
 Bike: From Atlantic to World Heritage, 3 days. 
 Bike: Mountainbike, 3 days. 
 Hike: Levada and deserted villages, 3 days. 
 Hike: Along rivers and schist villages, 3 days. 
 Active: Canyoning, 3 days. 
 Active: Climbing, 3 days. 
 Active: Canoeing, 3 days. 
 Hike: Schist villages, 8 days  
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Information about your wishes, as f.i. extra nights, Fado-concert etc. You can also ask for a tailor made tour.
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In this region, called the Pinhal Interior, because of the great number of pine trees, also exist a lot of olive orchards, eucalyptus and citrus trees but also cork oaks and of course the big amount of "vinhas" vineyards. In spring the mimosa with it´s typical yellow sweet smelling flowers decorates this region. Often you will meet the peasant cart with the dunkey. A lot of the portugese people here live of agriculture. In the summer there are a lot of markets and festivals with music and dancing to honour the saint.