Bike: Land around Coimbra

The 8-days cycling tour " Land all around Coimbra" starts and ends at Quinta no Pinhal which is surrounded by a green landscape and has a lovely refreshing pool. Here you will get your bikes and maps.

From € 399 p.p.


Enjoy the green centre of portugal with Cycling tour Land around CoimbraIncluded

  • 7x overnight stay with breakfast
  • 6x lunchpackage
  • route descriptions
  • route maps
  • personal information
  • luggage transport

Day 1

Zwembad met overdekte  buitenruimte QNPYou will be welcomed at "Quinta no Pinhal". You can try your rental bicycle. Overnight stay at Quinta no Pinhal.Quinta no Pinhal

Day 2

IMG_0586A trip of 33 km or 48 km. The landscape of Beira Litoral is a green undulating area with a lot of natural waters. You will cycle at the border of the `Barragem das Fronhas` one of the dam lakes that enriches Portugal. If you like you can take a shorter (33km) route. At the end of the route you can test your climb ability at Moura Morta. Overnight stay: `Quinta no Pinhal’.

Fietsvakantie Portugal Coimbra

Day 3

IMG_057646 km. Today you will cycle from Vila Nova de Poiares to Ceira dos Vales. The major part of this trip you will follow the river Ceira, during this trip you will pass by a Praia Fluvial at Casal de Ermio where you can take a refreshing bath in the river. At the end of this tour you will pass by Lousa, situated at the foot of the Serra de Lousa. An area with beautiful green landscapes, a lot of trees, water, and the ruins of a Moors Castle from the 10th century surrounded by little chapels. Entering the village (coming from Gois) you will see two of the various luxurious ancient residences of the 17th and 18th century (casa de Cima and casa de Quinta do Cano) which Lousã possesses due to the industrial revolution of that time. Just outside of the village the most impressing residence Quinta da Santa Rita. Overnight stay:: `Quintal Álem do Ribeiro’.

Day 4

Bergdorp PIODAOToday you can choose between a short ride of 14 km to a natural pool build of schists nearby a Moors Castle, a round trip of 35 km or you can pick the ’Queens’ tour (58 km) in the Serra de Lousã to a height of nearly 1200 m, where you can feel the overwhelming calmness and a superb view over a big part of middle Portugal, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Serra de Estrela. A trip passing the Aldeias Serranas, abandoned mountain villages with very old small houses build of flat natural mountain stones. This whole trip is rich of wonderfull ’ Miradouros’ (views). The descent brings you through an unpaved road back to the track Gois-Lousa. Overnight stay: ‘Quintal Álem do Ribeiro’.Quinta no Pinhal

Day 5

IMG_0560aToday a ride of, 58 km from Ceira dos Vales to São Lourenço de Bairro. You drive along the village of Penacova, highly above the river Mondego, forward to the national Parc of Buçaco with its stunning hotel (see appendix) in manulinion style. On the way you will pass numerous fountains, a lot of unspoiled villages and olive groves and orange orchards, surrounded by pineforests. In the National Parc of Buçaco you will find the Mata do Buçaco, a wood of 105 ha, surrounded by a wall of 5 km and 11 entrances. Via Luso, a spa well known for its therapeutic mineral water, you pass the wine region “Bairrada”. Your destination is Quinta do São Lourenço in São Lourenço. Overnight stay: ’Quinta São Lourenço’.

Day 6

JPG0430 km out and 30 km home. Today you will go by Mira to Praia the Mira. Broad sandy beaches and a wild sea.. Here you will find a part of the 5.000 ha pine forests, planted to stop the sand-drifts in the dunes. A tour over plain roads. In the village Praia the the Miro, previously known as ’Palheiros de Mira’ so called because of the typical, wooden houses build on piles; some fishermen still fish in a traditional way with drag-nets. In the summer a frequently visited seaside resort. Overnight stay: ‘Quinta São Lourenço’.

Day 7

Kastanjepoffer in de straten van CoimbraYou start in São Lourenço for your last trip of 27 km or 67 km. The first part you will encounter ancients hamlets, some of them partly abandoned. Before you enter the famous age-old university town of Coimbra, you will pass various rice-fields nearby Gandara.You can also take your bike on the train to Coimbra, that will shorten your trip to 27 km. Cycling along the river Mondego you will reach the historical town-centre. The ancient university and the cosy, narrow shopping streets worth to be visited. By the southide you leave Coimbra and driving along the astonishing valley of the river Mondego you ’ll reach your final destination. Overnight stay: `Quinta no Pinhal’.Quinta no Pinhal

Day 8

terrein bij de QuintaAfter a benevolent breakfast your tour ends. Quinta no Pinhal


Your rental bike is a hybrid bike with Shimano parts, front suspension and 21 gear, luggage rack, water bottle holder, bicycle pump, repair kit and bike computer. You can borrow bicycle bags for a small deposit on the spot. You can also rent a bike helmet. We recommend to wear a bicycle helmet.


Extra days

You can book an extra night at every Quinta. An extra day in Vila Nova de Poiares gives you the opportunity to canoeing on the Mondego River. You can also book a guided hike in the hills of the Serra de Lousã. In São Lourenço book an extra day to visit the wine cellars of Aliança (by bike, 14 miles back and 14 miles back) or the thermal baths of Luso (15 km and 15 km back by bicycle or by train). All accommodations have WiFi and a swimming pool.

Additional nights are always based on breakfast or half board, lunch package is not included on extra days. If you want to spend more time in the beautiful city of Coimbra, this is accessible by bus from Vila Nova de Poiares and Ceira dos Vales and by train from Sao Lourenço. You can also schedule an extension after the journey in Coimbra.

aldeias de xisto


In this region, called the Pinhal Interior, because of the great number of pine trees, also exist a lot of olive orchards, eucalyptus and citrus trees but also cork oaks and of course the big amount of "vinhas" vineyards. In spring the mimosa with it´s typical yellow sweet smelling flowers decorates this region. Often you will meet the peasant cart with the dunkey. A lot of the portugese people here live of agriculture. In the summer there are a lot of markets and festivals with music and dancing to honour the saint.